Back to Normal

Odd, isn’t it that life just moves on. Even when something strange happens like something smashing through our back window on our truck, we still had to continue on to eat dinner and buy groceries.

The last post I left you with was a short description of how that happened. Since that day, we’ve had a birthday party for Emma (she’s 10!) and visited friends on the coast of California. (That US 1 route is no joke, but after driving out to Sinkyone Wilderness State Park, it was a cake walk. Click here to see pictures of our hike on the Lost Coast.)

We had a nice guy named Mike who owns “Joe’s Auto Glass” repair our back window. He works in Fortuna, California. If something comes crashing through your window and you’re near there, stop in “Joe’s Auto Glass” and ask for the owner, Mike. (Yep, that is hilarious to me. I have a weird sense of humor.)

Our family has some changes in store. On March 3rd, we will leave Richardson Grove and head south to the San Francisco Bay area. We are doing a “180” from our Pacific Northwest to Alaska plans, temporarily.

That is one fantastic pro of living in an RV. We can change our minds/plans and travel where we want to go. Absolutely splendid!

Our family of four also has some fun projects coming up. We will fill you in once they make a little more sense to us.

Tomorrow, Mike and I will install our new “mattress in a box” which is a first time purchase for us. We have never tried a mattress from a box before. Fingers crossed that the new bed will be awesome! Our current rv factory model mattress is adding to Mike’s back pain; that is hopefully what this new bed will remedy.

We’ve purchased new beds for Emma and Jensen as well. They’re excited to try those out when the beds arrive.

Our rig has a few things that need to be repaired, for instance our microwave keeps tripping the breaker it’s on. We tried replacing the breaker and even tried plugging the microwave into another outlet to no avail. We’ll keep trying to troubleshoot until we can get someone to look at it. If you, dear reader, have any ideas as to what could cause this, please send them my way.

Yours Truly,



We’re Okay

Today, our family was heading to a grocery store south of the state park we work in. If you’ve read our blog at all, you know that the state park is far from everything and driving an hour to the grocery store is a weekly occurrence for us.

While I was driving down the small highway, something struck the passenger window behind me. We heard glass shatter, and I quickly pulled over. Mike grabbed his coat and forced all of the glass from the inside of the truck out the window before it came crashing into the car.

Emma was sitting in the seat behind me, but thankfully, she had bent over to watch a video that Mike had made for film school. She was wearing headphones and didn’t hear the crash of glass.

Whatever it was did not make it into our vehicle. We turned around to see if someone had thrown something at the truck and found a safe place to pull off the road. As Mike was climbing up the embankment close to where our truck was hit, a California Highway Patrol Officer happened to drive up.

He and Mike tried to figure out what had happened but to no avail. He even asked us if we thought it was a gun shot. We knew the hole in the glass was about the size of a fist, but we had no idea what had caused it.

Mike had reacted so quickly to the glass shattering into the truck (and onto Emma!)that there was no time to take a picture of the hole in the glass.

We’ll never know what happened, but we are all okay.

Yours Truly,



Super Bowl Party

Yesterday our family went to a Super Bowl Party that a friend of ours was hosting. Funny, now, how worried I was about making friends in a new place. Ugh, I worry too much.


Our kids and their kids and other people’s kids had an absolute blast together. Our friends have a farm, of sorts, and after an hour or so of playing with friends and farm animals, Emma was in love with “farm life” as she called it.

Disclaimer: No mucking stalls or crates was done; so, farm life was blissful.

I don’t remember seeing our kids very much other than an occasional, “Mom, I’m thirsty.” or “Dad, where can we get some food?”

They would come inside from time to time for a hug and a kiss; those reassuring “Mom and Dad are still present” lovings.

I love that; it was bliss for me.

Mike and I enjoyed the game and some grown up conversation. Oh, and the Jurassic World previews, the “Hopper” Tide commercials, the ones with Chris Pratt. Great stuff.

Our family doesn’t follow football at all. It may be something we enjoy with our kids when they’re older, but we do like to hang out with friends and watch the big game.

I never really took time to understand football when I lived with my dad and brothers (who are still sports fanatics). And, Mike didn’t grow up watching sports at all except for an occasional Super Bowl Party game.

But watching two teams playing their hearts out on the field is just good entertainment. As a true film student, Mike pointed out most of the camera equipment and talked me through various camera angles that were happening during the game. I really enjoyed learning about the production side from him.

I still didn’t retain much about what “first and 10” means, but I’m sure that if Jensen became a player, I would learn it in a flash.

(Momma is kind of hoping for baseball or basketball, though)

Yours Truly,



Our family adored being at Disneyland for a few days. We purchased the military three day park hopper at the Naval Weapons Base in Seal Beach.

The first day we went, the crowds were blissfully low. It was a fabulous change of pace from WDW where the crowds never seem to die down. We loved going back and forth between Disneyland and California Adventure. Mike, Emma and I loved the new Guardians of the Galaxy ride. Jensen didn’t care for it since it is the Hollywood Tower of Terror revamped into the Marvel characters. He’s not a fan of that ride. Cars Land was a hit with all of us. The “dancing cars” were so much fun!

The second day, Mike and I relived our childhood by riding the submarine voyage and Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride. Why did WDW get rid of it? I’ll never understand.

We took a break day followed by a”wedding day”. My brother and his bride, Erica are adorable together.

The next day, we packed up our rig and headed to Disneyland for the last visit for a while. It was much more crowded as it was a Saturday. We tried a mint julep and some Mickey beignets.

Emma and Jensen traded some pins, and we enjoyed Pirates of the Caribbean, Tom Sawyer’s Island, Space Mountain. Emma and Mike roads Guardians once more and we hit the road.

We will definitely plan another trip to Disneyland. The weather was perfect as well which made our visit even more spectacular.

Yours Truly,


Back in Civilization

We are traveling south in California for “vacation” and my brother’s wedding. It feels so dry now that we’ve crossed the mountains, and my skin is already freaking out.

I often forget how dry the rest of the state feels as we live in humid climate of the Redwoods.

We spotted palm trees off the highway south of Sacramento…not a Redwood in sight.

One thing we have all noticed is the intense smell of trash. Eww! Hopefully, we were just passing a dump.

Also, we are enjoying LTE again on our phones, but I keep forgetting to post anything. It’s really nice to not be addicted to a smart phone.

Oh! I get to wear my sunglasses again! Hello, beautiful sunshine ☀️

Yours Truly,


The Problem with Moisture

In this lush, humid climate grow many different varieties of mold and mildew. Maybe you thought I was going to write about the incredibly massive trees and the wild mushrooms. Nope.

The problem with living in a recreational vehicle in a humid grove of Redwood trees is moisture. Moisture from the air, moisture from condensation, moisture, moisture everywhere. These giants surrounding us trap the mist and fog from the California coast and absorb the water into their leaves. They seemingly create their own climate to survive. Fascinating stuff, right? While they’re doing their job at combatting droughts, etc, they’re also creating a greenhouse like effect in the state park.

As the days and nights are chilly, we have the heater going to keep us snug. This however causes a condensation problem in our rig due to the humidity, heat, and cold all clashing together.

Today, I spent quite a good bit of time wiping down window sills that had become test tube like experiments for mold growth. Homeschool science, anyone?

Right now, we have been utilizing Damp Rid in every part of our rv, but it alone is no match for 80-100% humidity. Therefore, we are in the process of purchasing some dehumidifiers of some sort for our rig.

Because we spent the past two winters in sunny, warm Florida, condensation related to cold weather never was an issue. With the pros of rv living come the cons.

Yours Truly,



“Wait, that’s Us!!”

Have you ever read anything by Chris Guillebeau? The guy is seriously motivating. He is an author who has been to every country on the globe.

Since I just finished his other book, The Art of Non-Conformity, I picked up his book The Happiness of Pursuit today after having almost lost our copy to Chocolate’s teeth.

This is the second book that Chocolate ripped apart. The other was The Four Hour Workweek that Mike bought while he was in Iraq.

In the happiness book, Chris speaks over and over about people who have discovered a “quest” that forces them to keep going and striving for what drives them. For some in his book it was travel, for others it was blogging, connecting with others, art, etc. Each story he shared was inspiring, and I found myself wondering what our quest should be.

Then the thought hit me, “Chris is describing us!”

I glanced over the description of quests again and realized, “Wait, that’s us!”

If you’re new to our blog, welcome. If you’re a regular reader, thanks for once again checking out my random thoughts.

Our family is currently living in Northern California, but our quest is to visit all fifty states with our kids. We started this idea of conquering the nifty fifty about two years ago. It has slowly developed from a far off dream into an actual journey.

As of this blog post, we have been to 29 of 50 states as a family of four.

How cool is it that we are the middle of living in a journey that was just a dream a couple of years ago? I am completely blown away by how much this has turned into regular life over the past months.

Yours Truly,