Pros of Living in an RV

  • Remember the first time you heard someone say that they lived in an RV? My initial thought was: These people are nuts! But then as I thought about it a little more, I considered how it might be cool to try it out. Marlie and I started watching YouTube videos and followed the adventures of Eric, The Nomadic Fanatic, Gone with the Wynns and The Long Long Honeymooners. We saw that it wasn’t as bad as we had pictured. How bad could it really be? I am here to tell you how great it is. Here is an incomplete list of the pros of living in an RV.
    1. You and your family learn to be very close.    We are a very close knit family of 4. Our kids are absolute best friends. They would share a room in a mansion just because they love being together so much. Marlie and I are the same way. We love to be together. If you are not a close knit family, then living in an RV may make you or it may break you. Not to say we all don’t need our personal space at times, nor are my kids and marriage perfect by any means, but it does work for us.
    2. You learn to live with less.    Living with less translates into more experiences on the road. If we don’t have to buy all the expensive trappings of a home then what else do you do with the money? Save it? Nah, Travel baby. (Just kidding, of course. We do save and invest monthly for our retirement.)
    3. Being able to live wherever you want to.    Are you tired of your neighbors? Do you have a house that’s worth less than what you owe on it? Do you feel completely stuck where you are? That is one of the greatest reasons to live in an RV. If I don’t like my neighbors, we pack up and move. We can have our 5th wheel travel ready in 30 minutes. Go live in the mountains for a month or stay on the beach in Texas for free. The freedom and possibilities are endless.
    4. It’s considerably cheaper monthly.    Lot rent where we are currently is more than we want to pay, but we need the location to be close to my film school, Full Sail University. We were 8 minutes from the beach, before we moved towards Orlando, for $125.00 less per month. Out west, we barely paid anything at all because there is so much government land you can stay on for free. We live in a nice RV for much less than renting a two bedroom apartment in the same area.
    5. It takes 5 minutes to clean this place from top to bottom.    I might be exaggerating some, but when we all work together, the task of cleaning becomes minimal. We have a built in vacuum system that we can sweep up to, while someone else vacuums. Another plus is no yard work. No  longer is there the dread of a million dishes piled up waiting for a brave soul to tackle them either. We only have 4 place settings and that’s all we need. Life is more simple in an RV.
    6. Living in a small space makes you go outdoors more.    Since we have been full timing, we have spent so much more time outside enjoying nature. Who wants to be cooped up all day? Get out and do something?We get much more exercise with this lifestyle than we did, when we lived in a fixed house.
    7. Living this life isn’t for everyone. I could write a thousand more pros that definitely out weigh the cons. If you are feeling trapped and are looking for some freedom, then this just might be for you! -Micheal W. Parks

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