Fulltime RVers

At the end of 2015, our family of four took off from “normal” life and entered into a new phase of “what if’s” and “how to’s”. You can’t really be ready to jump into RVing, you just have to jump.

I’ll admit, when we first approached the subject of living in a recreation vehicle for a year, I thought I was losing my mind. We were planning our move from Texas to Florida at the time, and I told my husband, Mike, that maybe we should consider moving into a RV instead of moving into an apartment. We had lived in Texas for five years while Mike was serving in the Army, and it had swiftly become our home. But, after living away from both sides of the family for that long, we decided we should head back to Florida. With the stress of the move upon us, I thought maybe an RV would be a solution for our family. “At least, we’d already be ‘home’,” I told Mike confidently. He acted quickly (probably before I could change my mind), finding an RV for a great price. It was the Heartland TrailRunner, pictured above.

We moved all of our stuff into storage and set out on our first of many adventures. Our first trip was from Texas to Florida by way of Colorado and South Dakota (because “duh”). The timing of our move happened close to our 12th wedding anniversary; we wanted to cross something off our bucket list and Mount Rushmore fit the bill. Off we went, full of hope and excitement.

It was short lived, however, as the next morning, the battery in our truck was dead. (You have to unplug the travel trailer from the tow vehicle…we were newbies…we didn’t know.) We learned quickly from our mistake, charged the battery, and found a route to a place to dump our tanks for the first time. We found the campground via an app, pulled off the gravel road to what we thought was the dump station. There was no magical dump station only slick Texas mud. Thankfully, a very kind Texan helped us out of our jam. We did make it to Mount Rushmore….we did make it all the way around to Florida.


Looking back, I am so glad that we didn’t give up through the “newbie stage” of RVing. It was a learning curve for all four of us. We all had to find our own groove of who did what in our new home on wheels. It didn’t take us long. We were hooked!

We’ve lived in an RV for twenty one months as of today. It’s still just as exciting to hook up our rig to our truck and hit the road as it was when we started. It’s also thrilling to check out a new campground and find a FREE dump station too. No, I’m not kidding.

Thanks for tagging along with us on our meanderings and adventures.

Yours Truly,


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