Do I really need that?

RV living definitely presents its set of unique challenges. I am constantly asking myself, “Do you want this or that?”

“Do you want this shirt or that one?” (Because only so many shirts fit in the drawer)

“Do you want this rig with the king size bed or that one with the large kids room?” (Because we can’t find a rig with both options)

“Do you want this cast iron pan or that one?” (Because there’s only space for one”)

This mental hoop jumping keeps my family and I on our toes especially in a store.

“Mom, I really want this!”

“Do you want to get rid of a toy that’s in your room right now so you can get it?”

“No, ma’am.”

Case closed. Decision made. Sorry, Target.

RV living causes minimal purchases and no collecting items that don’t belong. 12519185_1725718464306191_933755620_n

It becomes natural to only allow so much stuff to enter our world which frees us from the burden of junk. This freedom from junk provides clear minds and clean rooms.

Here’s to living free from all that stuff!

Your Truly,


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