Mom and Emma Day

Unless you’re living under a rock (or maybe you’re just anti-social media), you probably noticed that today is National Lipstick Day…yep, it’s real.

MAC, my absolute favorite lipstick brand, started letting people know yesterday that they would be giving away FREE lipstick today. That was enough to get me out of bed on a Saturday morning. I asked Emma, my nine year old daughter, if she wanted to come along, and she was up for it!


We made it five minutes after Dillards opened to get a place in the MAC counter line. However, to our surprise, there were already hundreds (not kidding) of people waiting for FREE M-A-C lipstick! The line went from the MAC counter all the way into the center of the mall!

Um, nope…no thanks.

We weren’t even about to attempt that. Emma and I started trying on some lipstick while the only other MAC staff member helped other customers who were there to purchase products. She was very helpful, and I bought two lipsticks one called “Little Buddha” and the other called “Velvet Teddy.”


Both were colors that I had already wanted before the FREE lipstick was advertised.

We did a little shoe shopping at Dillards and headed out for some lunch. The day quickly turned into a Girls’ Day. Emma and I enjoyed trying on makeup, shoes, and clothes together. We visited quite a few stores even running through the rain to get on to the next place.

Emma chose some new lip balms and even a pretty red lip gloss for special occasions. IMG_0223

Overall, we had such a fun day together. I realized while we were out and about that Emma is reaching an age that she’s wanting to try this “girl stuff” (Jensen’s description, he’s my seven year old son) while still being a video gamer, science geek kid. I’ll take that challenge.

This “preteen” stage of her life is going to be so much fun. Yes, it will be difficult at times, but I know that through the easy and hard moments, our family will surround her with love and work together to help her grow into a beautiful young woman.


(Emma, wearing her new dress and women’s sized sandals)

Here’s to the new stage of Emma’s life…may it be as lovely as she is.

Yours Truly,


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