First Visit to Our Favorite State

Out of the twenty six states that we have visited as a family, Wyoming is our favorite. In 2015, we discovered this love for Wyoming when we traveled through it on our way to South Dakota. As a last minute decision, we ventured off the interstate for a more rural route and discovered Register Cliff, the Oregon Trail ruts, and Fort Laramie.


We actually were able to walk through areas that pioneers took on the Oregon Trail; we got to see their names engraved on Register Cliff. The experience made history feel alive for us as we explored the ruts left in giant boulders by wagons used to transport families across the West. “Can you imagine traveling in a covered wagon instead of a travel trailer?” We all discussed this at length: what we would do, how we would eat, what we would do to keep warm.


The wild feel of Wyoming is one of the many reasons we love visiting the state. When gazing out at the many hills and plateaus, I can almost envision John Wayne riding out to find “Debbie” in The Searchers. (This is a movie that I loved from my childhood.) Yes, despite the lack of phone or internet signal, Wyoming’s vast untouched wilderness keeps us coming back for more.


(Wyoming not only has beautiful and eclectic places to visit, but it also has free dump stations at its rest areas! Yes, this is very exciting when we’re on the road.)


Looking forward to our next visit to Wyoming,



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