Cons of RV Living

Yep, I get it. You want to know what is the deal with living in an RV full time. But, of course, you can’t really understand it unless you physically move into an RV. The tough part about answering questions or predicting how life will be for you in an RV is…we’re not your family! Gasp! Your family has a completely unique ecosystem and how your family operates may or may not be conducive to full time RV living. If it’s NOT, try an RV trip before moving into one full time.


Here are some real life, real experience cons of living in an RV from a REAL family who DOES live in an RV: (um… us)

  1. It’s a SMALL space
  2. It’s a SMALL space
  3. An RV is NOT a house
  4. Stuff will have to go

I did mention the space twice on purpose; I’m not completely nuts. Or maybe I am…it might be because I live in a small space.

I’ve seen people sell or store their stuff, move into an RV, and then three (grumpy) months later move back into a house.Why? Number one…and two…it’s a SMALL space. “We just didn’t realize how small the space was!” Seriously? It’s small!


Sometimes families realize during their RV living that they can’t be around each other in such tight quarters. Do yourself a favor, if you have a walk-in closet pretend it’s your bedroom and have your kids come crawl all over you. It’s a great test. Doing okay? Not going insane? Okay, good!

Next up, an RV is not a house. It’s literally a house on wheels. It will move under your feet; it won’t hold up to wear and tear like a house does. You have to empty and fill holding tanks; you have to make sure the rig is level. It’s more work and upkeep than a house is. Don’t fret, thanks to the internet, all the information on how to work RV systems is at your finger tips. If you reason somewhat well, you can manage an RV. It just takes some practice.

Lastly, stuff will have to go! This reason alone can make people cringe. “But what about my dishes from Gramma?” Not good RV material…store it or pass it on. (Sorry, Gramma)

The more stuff you can let go of, the better you’ll be. RV cabinets are wide and shallow or long and narrow…I constantly have to pull things out that we use all the time to reach things in the back of cabinets. It’s a daily game of stuff Jenga. If you can, get rid of it! (For some inspiration try watching Minimalism the documentary…We found it on Netflix.)


The cons are real…I know, maybe this post dashed your dreams. But there are pros that are GREATER than the cons.

I’m attempting the dose of reality before I go on to the pros. The pros like freedom to be where you what to be, etc.

Don’t worry. It’s coming.

Your Truly,





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