It’s not a monkey gym!

I’m not sure exactly how many times Mike has said “It’s not a monkey gym!” to Jensen, our seven year old son, since we started living full time in our RV. Thousands of times, possibly.

The thing about RVs is that they aren’t made with heavy duty materials like a home is. They are made to be as light as possible while getting dragged down the highway. Of course this doesn’t bode well for active kids, who are constantly looking for things to climb.

Yes, both Jensen and Emma love to climb on and around our rig, and we constantly have to remind them “It’s not a monkey gym!”


We want to instill in our children the desire to take care of what we have now, so it will still work like it is supposed to later. In order to keep a “home” like atmosphere in our rig, we want the window shades to work, the handles on the doors to operate, the carpet to be clean, the bunk beds to look presentable. Yes, we also want the kids to transform the gaming chairs into a fort, and the mattresses from the bunk beds to be sleds. But we also teach our kids to take care of their things (and ours) so they will last longer.


“Stop riding the fridge door while it closes!” “It’s not a monkey gym.” “Don’t take the screens out of the windows so you can throw stuff outside to your sister.” “Put your bike back.” You know, all of the things that you might say to a seven and nine year old. It doesn’t matter how much you spend on a rig. It’s still cheap. It doesn’t need our kids’ help. It will fall apart on its own.


Mike and Marlie



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