Goodbye, Great Movie Ride

Thanks to Disney lifting the block out dates for weekday select pass holders, we were able to enjoy the Great Movie Ride at Hollywood Studios for the last time. Disney is going to replace the ride with a Mickey and Minnie Railroad. Finally, Mickey and Minnie will have their own ride!

The news of the change was met with mixed feelings in the Parks household. Emma and Jensen were kinda sad about having to say goodbye to the Great Movie Ride, but Mike and I were pretty happy. I did enjoy the addition of Turner Classic Movies to the ride, but I didn’t care for the cheesy play acting by the cast members.

Jensen and Emma riding “The Great Movie Ride” at Hollywood Studios for the last time.

We also saw the March of the First Order when we entered the park, and we toured the galaxy on Star Tours. This ride is so fun since we never know which sequence of events will be on the screen!


We ate lunch at The Brown Derby, which is usually such a fun experience, however our server forgot to put our order in and it turned into mass chaos instead. The manager of the restaurant was very kind and took good care of us despite the crazy, odd timed meal. (Mashed potatoes usually come with the steak not after the steak has been eaten, right?)

Jensen, making some calls at the Brown Derby

We met StarLord and Baby Groot. (Not your best work, Disney, our kids were disappointed…”That guy doesn’t even look like StarLord” Why not have the mask and long coat costume to make it seem more real.) But hey, it was something to do inside while it poured!


We rode Rockin’ Roller Coaster, our family’s favorite ride at Hollywood Studios, and Toy Story Mania. Emma and I braved Tower of Terror while the Mike and Jensen got some Sour Apple Cotton Candy. We had such a fun day!

Yours Truly,




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