Our New Rig

This year, we had a decision to make. Whether to keep living this RV lifestyle or to move into an apartment close to Full Sail University where Mike is attending. After much mental debate and actual searching for apartments, we decided that the RV lifestyle is a better fit for our family. (no offense, apartments…)

Our first rig, the Black Pearl parked at Fort Wilderness, January 2016

When we made the decision, we discussed that in order to make this lifestyle continue to work, we would need to find a better layout from our current unit. (30′ Trail Runner by Heartland) Yes, this rig had taken us to fun places and felt like home for eighteen months, but the reality that we needed to give our kids a little more space was sinking in. We had looked at options for our family during the time we lived in the Trail Runner because RV shows are so FUN!! But nothing we found ever felt right.

Until this June…

I got a call one afternoon from Mike and he said to me, “Babe, I bought an RV today.” “Yah, right,” I replied, in a supportive voice. “No, I really did.” He was on his way to pick us up and show us our new home. (The poor salesman had to wait until our family gave all thumbs up on it…which we DID!) I was so surprised and absolutely thrilled with the new rig.

He found this beauty…which is now Casa de Parks.

Our rig, currently parked at Fort Wilderness for the week.

It’s a Jayco Northpoint 375BHFS Fifth Wheel. It fits our family perfectly!

Mike and Jensen even made the trek to Nebraska to pick up the Dodge truck in this picture. It was a great deal and a fun bonding time for the boys.

We’ve already been to Yellowstone and back in this baby. The Dodge makes it seem as though the fifth wheel isn’t even behind us. I found that this set up was much easier to navigate while towing than our Chevy and travel trailer. (Yes, I drive it.)

The rig is about double the square footage of our other unit which is great for our family.


We will do a vlog tour of it soon…for now we’re enjoying Fort Wilderness.

Yours Truly,


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