What about school?

I am often asked what we do for schooling for our kids. The short answer, “We homeschool.” Do we think we are better than other people who send their kids to a school? Nope. Do we think everyone should homeschool? Nope. Do we think it’s possible to get a good education while traveling and living full time in an RV? Yep. We do.

Case in point…

The Civil War History Trip

I’ve always been a history nut. It’s true. I’m an absolute geek when it comes to all things related to the Civil War and to World War II. Not your cup of tea? Okay…we can still be friends.

On our way to and from families’ houses in Georgia, I would see an intriguing sign for “Andersonville Historic Site” on I-75. I even tried to take the time to visit it when Mike was deployed and our babies were little, but I decided to wait until I had backup for my kids. (I was pretty new to travel then and anything off the route was little terrifying.)

I told Mike that when we traveled through Georgia again, I really wanted to visit the Andersonville Prison (Historic Site). We made it happen, but we also added a trip through Vicksburg, Mississippi to our route. Awesome!!


In Vicksburg, we visited to downtown Vicksburg and to the Vicksburg National Military Park. We learned that the Confederates would sink the Union ships as they floated down the river, and we were able to walk through a Civil War battleship. (SO cool!)12534412_179128482454336_1389263737_n

There, we visited the battle ground and saw memorials built to those who had perished in the encounter.


From Vicksburg, we headed to Andersonville, Georgia. Our family walked through the replica prison doors and saw the stream that prisoners used as the only water source in the enclosure. We ventured on the winding roads around the entire prison site.

Our rig, the Black Pearl at the Andersonville Historic Site

During our tour of Andersonville, we came upon one of the most sobering sights that we have encountered, the Andersonville Cemetery. 12424803_794895950652377_1779839871_n

Here, those who died in the prison are buried as well as so many other service members and veterans from the Civil War to the War on Terror.


I describe all of this to explain why we believe that learning through our travels is worth it. Our kids were able to experience so much on our Civil War Trip through the South. They will never forget the places we visited and the people that we learned about because our kids saw and even felt where history happened.

Yes, we homeschool. Yes, we will have tutors and mentors and online classes and friends and co-ops and free learning…and we will do it all together.

Yours Truly,


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