Hello, Pandora!

We had the most incredible theme park experience this week at Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

Let me preface this with the disclaimer that I did not care for “Avatar”, the movie. (Why are the people blue? It bothers me.) When my husband said he wanted to go ride the new rides at Pandora, I was a little skeptical. I will mention that I was enthusiastic about seeing the new area because hey, something new! But the idea of waiting hours in a cue line made me hesitant to even try.

Okay…back to Animal Kingdom.

Since we were staying at a Disney resort, Fort Wilderness, we were able to go to the Extra Magic Hours at Animal Kingdom from 10pm-12am. We arrived a little after 10pm to a fairly empty park. We made our way around to Pandora and the transition into the new world was breathtaking. There were drawings and paintings on the ground illuminated by black lights. There were water falls and giant boulders that seemed to hang in mid air. Our walk into Pandora and through the cue line was almost disorienting which made the Avatar Flight of Passage even better! The standby entrance wait time read 150 minutes, but (hallelujah!) we were in line for just over an hour.

The ride itself was astonishing. We were just blown away by how real it felt to be riding a banshee through forests, around cliffs, down water falls, and into herds of other animals. I didn’t want it to end!

Avatar Flight of Passage seems like a combination of other Disney attractions such as Mission Space (not the spinning, just the enclosure) and Soarin’ (being lifted into a screen). Our family all agreed that it was our favorite ride at Animal Kingdom (My favorite roller coaster is still Expedition Everest.)

We will go ride the Na’Vi River Journey next time, hopefully followed by another adventure on the Avatar Flight of Passage! (SO AWESOME)

Yours Truly,


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