Laundry Day in an RV

The reality of living in an RV is that you have to laundry…just like in a house. (Duh) Doing laundry while living on the move isn’t much of a challenge. You just have to have some quarters (or a credit/debit card), soap, and dirty laundry.

Our laundry day hit us while we were at Fort Wilderness…not a bad place to do laundry by the way. We have one hamper that we keep in our closet, and once that is full it’s laundry day! I think four machines is the most that we’ve had going at one time; we did all the laundry and all the bedding in one laundry facility trip. (The key to my sanity in doing laundry outside our rig is to get it all done at the same time. Trip after trip is no bueno.) We load everything that needs to be washed into our truck and head off. At Fort Wilderness, we were parked right beside the “Comfort Station” which houses the bathrooms, showers, and laundry facilities.

I present to you…the magic of 2017 laundry mats…the credit/debit card reader! (No more quarters)


Insert your card and bam…start the washer/dryer of your choice.


I only had one load of clothes, what was in the blue hamper, to do. It was an easy laundry day! I started the washer and went off to do some other chores while the clothes were being cleaned. No, I’m not one who waits around for the laundry. I do set a timer and change the loads promptly, but I don’t worry about the clothes. If people were to take them, they must need them more than we do.


Thirty-four minutes later, I went back to move the clothes into the dryer. I returned to the marvelous card reader and started dryer #10.


Off to do some more things around the rig.  On this particular day, I reorganized our outdoor kitchen. Sixty minutes later, I moved the laundry to very wide counter (compared to most places…thanks Disney!), and I folded the clothes into neat piles for everyone to put away.


Yes, I see that I have towels that don’t match…the green ones are from our first house! I am collecting gray towels now; Emma and Jensen have their own towels that have loops sewed in to help the towels stay put on hooks. (thanks, Ikea!)


All done! Back into the hamper the clothes go…back into the rig…and into drawers…clean and fresh…

This is another “all hands on deck” task. We are each responsible for our own clothes. Mike and I take care of the towels, etc, but everyone helps.

There you have it! Laundry day in an RV.

Yours Truly,


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