Travel Mode

Today was full of mixed emotions for our family. On one hand, we were a little sad to pack up our rig and leave Fort Wilderness, but on the other hand, we were excited to have plans to be back in September!


Packing our rig consists of getting everything into travel mode. Mike and I do the heavy lifting prepping our fifth wheel to travel. We each have “sort of” set tasks, and we plough through those, then help with whatever is left. It kind of goes like this:

Living area- fridge items secure, fridge locked, inverter turned on, sink emptied, cabinets fully closed, rug put away, dog food put up, dining table chairs covered and secure, recliners covered and secure, misc items moved away from the path of the slide outs (2), retract slide outs

Kids’ area- bathroom door locked, fan off, vent closed, bathroom counter cleared, all books and dvds moved off shelves and into baskets, all toys secure, all drawers completely closed, bunk beds stowed, all cabinets completely closed, all small toys, etc out of the path of the slide outs (2) (including a billion stray Legos), retract slide outs

Master area- bathroom counters cleared, shower doors locked, all toiletries secure, all drawers completely closed, all items in closet secure, fan off, vent closed, all items off the floor out of the path of the slide out (1), dresser cleared off, door shut, retract slide out

Outside- bikes packed, awning brought in, rhino sewer hoses put away, drinking water hose stowed, electric cord stowed, all storage doors locked, chairs put away, ready rig for towing

We finish the tasks and do a final walk around to make sure everything is in its place. (We’ve seen some odd things while traveling down the highway on our trips; awnings half out, antennas left up, windows hanging open, vents open etc. Hence, the final walk around just to be sure.)


When we first prepped our new rig for travel, it took us an hour and a half! Now, we have it down to a science doing the same prep in about thirty minutes.

IMG_0284.JPGWe hook up the truck to our rig and hit the road.

Whether we’re heading off on a new adventure or going back to our “home base” campground, we attempt to keep transforming our rig into travel mode as simple and stream lined as possible.

Yours Truly,



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