Well, it’s 10 something at night and I am just now making time for this blog. We had a fun/busy day today since my brother and his little girls came over to see us. I often forget how much work babies are! Ha! We enjoyed just hanging around with them today.

This evening, Mike and I went to the gym and worked out together. This gym time has been so great for us. Not only is the workout good for us physically, but working out definitely helps us relieve some stress. I really enjoy helping Mike push through heavy lifts, and he definitely is my cheering squad when I’m pushing hard on new techniques and added weight. I absolutely love lifting heavy things!

We ran over to the grocery store to grab a few things and headed home to watch Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2.

I would normally just brush this blog aside, but I promised myself that I would write everyday for a month. I started with a goal of writing consistently for a week; now my goal is to finish a month of daily writing.


Once, I had an English teacher tell me that I would never be a writer….so, I write.

Yours Truly,


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