Cleaning Out Our Storage Unit…

We’ve been putting this off for quite a long time…the dreaded cleaning out of our 10’x17′ storage unit. It seems like a mammoth task.

Mike, Emma, Jensen and I started the work today. We’ve decided to sell, donate, or trash as much as we can. Our goal is to only keep what we can store in our current RV. This will be a huge project not only for our backs but also for our minds.

The “mind” part started for me today. It was rough thinking about all the items that I would be saying goodbye to: the dining table and chairs, the jewelry case/mirror, the washer and dryer. (Yes, I even gave my washer and dryer a hug today. I’m a weirdo.)

IMG_0299.JPGAll the things that made our house in Texas a home will have to be sifted through and let go. That is the hardest part to me. The mental hurdles and “what ifs” will be a challenge, but I want to be free of stuff to live the life we have chosen. It doesn’t make it any easier to let things go, but it certainly is the reason I’ll go through every box with purpose.

Tomorrow, we will go back to organize the sell items into one area and load up some keep things to take back to the rig.

I have no doubt that it will be another hard day, BUT in a few weeks, I will be free of stuff!

Yours Truly,



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