First day of new…tears?

Today, we broke out our new books for math and history! I absolutely love the beginning of new studies…my kids? Not so much.

I was determined to prove that they would be challenged and that it would be a good thing; well, they were challenged. It was a day of tears and agony thankfully, followed by success and blissfulness. Weird, right?

Jensen and Emma, working hard at math

Sometimes trying new things is absolutely terrifying to me! However, forcing myself forward and pushing through always makes me glad that I keep going. Case in point? My kids and their first day of new math books. Emma’s curriculum is in a completely different format than what she’s used before. Jensen hates the redundancy of writing numbers when he can do things in his head, but he needs the fine motor skills practice. (I heard, “This is so boring!” from him at least twelve times.) It was rough, but it ended up being fantastic. WE all worked through the fear and transition together.

The history curriculum was wonderful. The books are written in story form rather than text book form which makes it easier to stop and discuss questions that the kids have.

History projects have begun!

As I sit here, reviewing our day with Mike, I am so glad that I get to be a mom and a teacher to my kids. It’s so hard sometimes, but the reward is so joyous that it makes the hard times worth the effort.

Yours truly,


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