Taking Care

Today was a much needed “down” day for us. Yes, we did continue to work on our storage unit as we are having a garage sale this weekend. However, after a rough start emotionally yesterday to having to let things go, I needed some time to acclimate to the idea of a more minimalistic lifestyle. Saying goodbye to things is often difficult for me.

My idea of “taking care” is a nap, a shower, and some Tex-Mex. Now, of course, not being in Texas kind of puts a dent in the “Tex-Mex” part, but some chicken fajitas and some chips did the trick for this girl.

I actually did take a nap and a shower too! Mid-day naps are rare for me. When I do try to nap, I tend to not let my mind rest enough to fall asleep. Whether I’m thinking about new blog posts, YouTube videos to shoot, new books to read, or homeschool goals to meet, my mind is always on the move. Therefore, naps are difficult.

Yes, it may seem odd to some that a grown woman could benefit from a power nap, but it certainly helps my outlook on occasion. Sometimes people refer to this as “self-care”, which I’ll admit, I’m not too great at admitting to needing. But, lately, I’m doing better at acknowledging my personal exhaustion, whether it be physical or emotional.

It may have to do with the ages that my kids are, and how well Mike is doing with his Full Sail studies. Our kids are old enough to care for themselves when I need a break. When they were little babies, my “self care” went out the window, and through Mike’s deployment and Army career, any thought of taking care of myself seemed selfish.

I have grown enough to realize how a little time to myself makes me a better wife and mom. It’s not selfish to need a good book and a cup of tea. It’s not ridiculous that moms get tired and need to rest. Taking care of myself is more of a priority to me now. I work out regularly to deal with stress and eat well to fuel my body for the next challenge.

Yours Truly,


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