Small, achievable Goals

Today is the day for organizing and sifting through everything we own, a task which seems daunting. For my sanity, I have to break the mountain of work down into small, achievable goals. “Okay, so I need to put tables out to put things on for the yard sale, but I can’t because they’re behind towers of boxes, okay…so I need to move some boxes out of the garage to get to the tables, but wait I have to put the boxes somewhere in an orderly fashion…um, how about lets put the boxes in groups according to location in a house…okay, I can do this!” (Real thought process in my head today….yes, I said “so” and “um” and thought in run on sentences!)

Now, let’s do this!

Small, achievable goals help me maintain some kind of control over my massive task and help me see progress during the clean out.

Have you seen those before and after closet clean out photos on social media? Rarely, do they show the “between” which includes a bed full of clothing and random shoes, accessories all over the floor. A real nightmare that I have encountered before…

That in between time of real progress is when I can feel overwhelmed. The feeling of being overwhelmed will grind my motivation to a halt if I don’t control it. However, when I set small, achievable goals, I can push on because I can see the progress albeit minimal that I have made!

I will post some pictures of our “in between” work that happens today, even though every fiber of my being says “Don’t do it!”

Yours Truly,


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