People at Yard Sales

What is the deal with people who visit yard sales? There seems to be three groups: the hagglers, the visitors, and the friends.

The hagglers are those who wheel and deal with you to the point of trying to get the item for free. They use the “well, it’s not good quality” or similar to the point of making you angry at them. Often the hagglers will pretend that they don’t have much cash on them or say that they want to resell the item so you should lower the price to help them make a profit. Look, people, it’s a yard sale; the prices are already LOW.

Next are the visitors. They just come to check things out, but they don’t buy anything. An interaction with them kind of goes like this.

“How much is this?”

“Well, it’s marked as $5.00, but I would take $4.00”

“Oh, I don’t really want to buy anything.”


Usually, these are neighbors or busy bodies just being nosy.

Last of all are the friends. They are the people that you just hit it off with automatically. Often, they will even hang out for quite a while shooting the breeze and discussing life. Sometimes, they’re philosophers will lots to say about topics; every once in a while they’re interested in the same things you are.

Whether they’re giving me a hard time (that’s YOU, you haggler) or hanging out (hey, friend!), I love dealing with all three groups.

One more day of selling to go!

Yours Truly,


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