This as been a very difficult few days, but we pushed through the crazy amount of work. There were a few times that I felt absolutely overwhelmed and even cried some. (In case you’re just finding our little blog, we just emptied our storage unit. We’ve had it stacked to the brim, full of our personal belongings that we couldn’t fit into our fifth wheel, full time home. Our goal is to travel with our kids to all fifty states.) It was so hard to shuffle through so many sentiment items and push them aside. I’ve seen on social media several times that the Minimalism guys (have you seen their documentary on Netflix?) talk about that “our memories are within us, not within our things.”

I had to remind myself of this over and over again as I discarded old birthday cards, miscellaneous letters, and other bits of paper. I kept the letters from my husband while he was serving in the Army (maybe one day those could go…but not today), however, I removed bundles of other letters that I received from people who are no longer in my life. One such stack of letters was from an elderly woman who used to go to a church I attended years ago. When she moved out of town, she and I became pen pals. We would discuss all kinds of topics, and it broke my heart to hear the news of her passing. I’m so grateful to have those memories.

I’m thankful for my youngest brothers who both pitched in to help us move things over from our storage unit to Mike’s parents’ house. Quite literally, we would not have been able to move everything over without their muscles.

Also, my in-laws, who willingly let us use their yard and garage to store and sell things out of, deserve a big thank you. I’m so glad Mike has sweet parents.

I’m heading to bed with a grateful heart for the memories and for the people that I love.

Yours truly,



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