On the street where you live…

While we were dropping off some items to a local second hand shop, Mike told me the cutest story. We were passing by one of my childhood homes, when he shared a sweet memory of what he had thought and done before we started dating.  You see, he was a garbage man during the summer of 2001. He worked on the back of the garbage truck. The routes he would work depended daily on who needed a guy; he didn’t have the same route too often.

One such morning, he was on the back of a truck that happened to be in my home town of DeLand, Florida. He had been on routes in that town before, but he realized that on this particular route, he was near the house I lived in.

He told me that when he realized where he was, he was so excited and hopeful that they would go to my house.

A little while after that, the truck he was on pulled up to my driveway.

Now the part of the story that I remember…

I was blissfully sleeping away until I heard a rapping sound on my window. I remember peaking out to see Mike hauling our trash away, dumping the cans, jumping up onto the truck, and waving bye as they pulled away.

Not quite the “knight in shining armor on a white horse” dream some girls talk about in movies, but close!

My sweetheart was a hard working eighteen year old guy who loved me. We knew that we were meant for each other even before we started dating.

Sweetly reminiscing,



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