Today, the exhaustion of the last few days finally hit us. I have to tell you that I felt like a zombie for most of the day. Jensen asked me this morning if he could just stay home all day. We were all of that opinion! Mike did make it to his doctor’s appointment, but we took the day off from doing anything much. We even had sandwiches for dinner.

We’ve been lugging furniture and slinging boxes for the last five days. Since Mike already has a bad back from his Army days, we had to move slowly and take breaks during all the work. I was worried about him constantly, but he did do well, asking for help when he needed and resting when he could.

We’re pretty darn good team.

A candid shot of us while we took a few selfies after finishing the last load of stuff from the storage unit. We were sweating to death and utterly exhausted, but we were DONE!

My mom asked me today if it felt odd having everything we owned in our rig with us. I didn’t really know how to answer that because it hasn’t sunk in with me. It is kind of a relieving feeling to have the hard work behind us, but it also seems strange to not have the storage unit as a “security blanket” for me.

I’m looking forward to having everything that we did bring back to the RV with us, put away and in its place. It will be a slow moving process, however, we will get that done as well.

Yours truly,


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