Quick Review

A couple of weeks ago, I ordered two new chargers for our Apple devices. I found this company called “Charge Cords” through Instagram and thought I would give them a shot. The cords came quickly, and they seemed to be of a good quality. I posted a little blurb about trying the cords on our Instagram that same day.


Two days ago, I saw that when I removed the charger from my phone, the silver part that sticks into the phone had fallen out of the cord. Ugh! What in the world?

I tagged the company on my original Instagram post about my Charge Cord “hoping for the best” post. I said pretty much, “Hey, my cord broke. What do I do to replace it?”

Within just a few minutes, I had someone from the company tag me back saying send an email to contact@chargecord.com and we will take care it.

This morning, I did just that.

I really didn’t expect to hear back from them for a couple of days.

However, when I checked my email… I found this!


How cool that a company actually valued a customer and honored a warranty!

Barring no major issues or constantly having to replace a cord, I will be a forever Charge Cords customer.

And no, I did not receive any compensation for this blog post. I just wanted to share some thing cool that happened!

Yours Truly,


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