One of my favorite features of our RV

Our new rig, the Jayco Northpoint 375BHFS, has some really wonderful features in it. One of my favorites is the built in vacuum system. The system rests under the bottom step in our living area, and it is very discretely mounted. The system connects under the stairs from the living area into the “basement” storage. This configuration makes it easy for us to vacuum every square inch of our RV from the inside, and if connected in the outside storage, we can conveniently vacuum out our truck.

The black, rectangle box under the bottom step is our vacuum system. Here, Emma is going to install the vacuum hose to clean the carpet in our rig.

The hose and attachments are simple to take apart and put back together. We store them in a mesh bag in the basement storage.

We do have to use bags in the vacuum system, but they are easy to replace and hold a considerable amount of dirt and debris.

Hose installed and ready to vacuum!

This vacuum makes keeping the carpets clean much easier than lugging a vacuum cleaner in and out of storage.

Both of our kids are able to put the vacuum together and use it throughout the rig.

Jensen always has interesting ways of doing his chores.

If you notice to the right on the bottom step is another black rectangle. That is the place that we can sweep dirt into, and it gets sucked into the same vacuum system bag.

Hooray for easy to use systems that make life better!

Yours Truly,


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