What it took to get rid of all of our stuff…

Greetings from hot, humid Florida!

This weekend has been a good one. We took some time off, and we looked at some property to buy. We want to find something that we could park our home on wheels on while we were living in Florida, but also something that we could rent out when we’re on the road. Anyway, that’s another blog for another day!

On to the topic at hand…what it took to get rid of all of our stuff last weekend…

Let me begin by expressing that I really wish I would have taken a photo of our storage unit as it was filled to the brim. Not even kidding… But, here it is when we were about to take the last load.


As you can see, there was not much left, but this photo only shows a tiny fraction of the stuff we stored in here for eighteen months.

Here, it is all cleared out and swept. Notice Mike is rejoicing in our accomplishment!


We started the process of removing everything from our storage unit and taking it to Mike’s parents’ house. We used their garage to store everything during the two day yard sale. We managed to put everything that we owned in the center of their two car garage.


See Emma? She was a big help during our four day “stuff” ordeal. I love that girl!

As Mike stood in the center of the mess, we wondered if getting rid of everything was even possible!

We tried to set up the garage sale the night before the sale, but as we began pulling things out to place them on tables, the rain came down. Seemingly out of nowhere and definitely not forecasted, we watched the rain come down in sheets. Every once in a while, the sound of rain dulled on the roof of Mike’s parent’s house and we would peak out hoping it had stopped.  It didn’t. Even the next morning, the ground was wet from the rain.

Exhausted from the amount of work it took just to get all of our things from the storage unit and into the garage, we woke up in kind of a daze. “We have so much work to do.” We said that over and over, not too sure why. We might have been a tad overwhelmed.

The first day of the sale was so hot and humid. Taking breaks when possible, we pushed through it. Although we didn’t sell anything “big” the first day, we did very well getting rid of lots of items.

The memory items were the hardest to let go of, but we did it!

The second day was hot and humid again, but we were able to sell some larger items. I listed the rest on some sale sites and hoped for the best. The task on the second day was to go through all of our personal memory things and holiday decorations. It was a slow, tedious, emotional day. Mike and I worked separately, box by box, trying to accomplish the task as quickly as possible. Every once in a while, we would hear each other sigh or feel the mood change, and we would encourage each other to take a break.

The third day we took multiple trips with stuff packed in the truck: to the dump to get rid of trash and to the local homeless shelter to donate household goods. It was also the day of the solar eclipse. We weren’t able to see much of it due to cloud cover, but we did get to experience the darkness that happened during the eclipse. The rest of the day, we cleaned up my inlaws’ house and loaded one more load of trash into the truck. We went to Denny’s for dinner, and we were all hardly functioning. We were so tired from all of the work we had done, but we did it!

The fourth day, we took the last load of trash to the dump. Afterwards, we drove to a local thrift store to sell a couple pieces of furniture. It was a victorious day. We were done with the storage unit, and we had everything we owned on our RV park site. Mission accomplished!

Well, almost! I still have a few things listed on sale sites, but the huge load of work is done. I can write about this with the feeling that after all the hard decisions I had to make about stuff, I did it! I did not allow things to control me. As I let things go, the reward of not having a storage unit to constantly check on is awesome!

Yours Truly,


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