A home for a dog…

Well, National Puppy Day was an eventful one! We didn’t even realize that the day we adopted “Chocolate” was also National Puppy Day. But, I’m getting ahead of myself…

Two years ago, Emma and her daddy decided that she would be able to get a puppy when she was at least eight years old. This turned into a massive discussion for months and months about what kind of dog she wanted, what she would name the dog, and how much money she would need. Through all of our travels, the “my dog” topic came up over and over. She was sure to gently remind us, Mike and I, that she was old enough and responsible enough to get a puppy.

Whew! This girl will be a major negotiator one day; I kid you not.

A few weeks ago, Emma and Jensen talked Mike and I into having a lemonade stand to help raise money for the eventual new family member. I’ve got to tell you, these kids are persistent in pushing for what they want. That skill will take them wherever they want to go. Persistence always pays off, even with mom and dad.

On the lemonade stand day, their cousins, Bella and Logan, were able to come help with the fundraising. They all worked together to help their customers get plenty of ice and lemonade. Entrepreneurship 101, keep the customers happy! Of course, how hard could that possibly with these adorable faces!


We began the hunt for the perfect new family member. Now a little insight into what we needed. First, we wanted to adopt. Second, we wanted a smaller dog that could ride comfortably with us in our truck when we travel. Third, the dog would have to get along with Mike’s service dog, “Buttons.” Hence, the numero uno reason for wanting a puppy or young dog. I have to admit that the “already housebroken” thing would have been nice, but we did what we could.

We discovered a dog rescue near us via Petfinder, and we started the process of narrowing down the choices. On Saturday, at a big, chain pet store, we met the hard workers at the rescue and Emma’s new friend.

Meet “Chocolate”, a charmingly calm “Doxle” (Beagle/Dachshund mix) who stole Emma’s heart.


The best part of the day was helping the rescue workers take the dogs out of the vehicle and put the adoptees in crates and other enclosures for their new families to find them. We helped pass out water bowls to the various fur babies then left with our new buddy. It was a hot, sweaty day, but we all felt that in our little way, we had helped. That was a great feeling.

We’re into the third evening with Chocolate being home, and the puppy training process is going pretty well. I think Emma is in a little bit of shock as to how much work a puppy is! We all pitch in and help the little guy get outside to the bathroom, find his chew toys when he needs them, and obviously play with him until he needs a nap.

He’s fitting in perfectly already.

Yours Truly,


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