How Book lovers survive RV life…

One of the biggest issues to me about RV space is how few books we can keep with us at any one time. All four of us love a good book, and sadly, a library is not feasible in our 450 square foot home. Let me tell you about some of the resources we found to ease this trouble.

First, a quick confession. I don’t care for ebooks…there, I said it…well, I typed it! A book doesn’t seem “real” to me without physical pages. However, the best way I have found to help with my “anti-ebook” mindset is audiobooks. I can still enjoy a wonderful story or informative work without compromising and reading virtual pages. I’m not sure why that is such an issue with me. Reading blogs, social media sites, etc don’t bother me, but a book in ebook format makes me cringe. I still have multiple books on my Kindle app that I haven’t finished.  One such app that I love to use for audiobooks is Hoopla. We easily connect our local library cards to this app, and a whole virtual library is at our finger tips. By the way, you can also read ebooks and listen to music through Hoopla. Of course, Audible is another great app for audiobooks. We connected to Audible through our Amazon Prime account to listen to channels for free. Winnie the Pooh, anyone? I have to give Spotify and YouTube honorable mentions for read-a-loud books. We regularly look at both of these sites for books.

Second, the physical, local library is a great resource to use. We usually have a “library day” during the week to get our “real book” fix. This past week we found Green Eggs and Ham, a book that I used to read to our kids when they were teeny tiny. We brought it home and read it again even though we all have it practically memorized. Local libraries work well for our family especially since we can renew them online with no problem. Goodbye library fines!

Third, we rotate our existing books. Yes, from time to time we sift through the books we currently own and replace them with something new. Our kids have a bookshelf of sorts under the entertainment area in their room. We try to go through these books fairly often to allow for new reads. We donate the books or give them to family and friends.

There you have it! We, the books lovers, find creative ways to enjoy books without toting them around the country with us.

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  1. Hoopla doesnt work for our libaries ( mid hudson valley ) but we are using OVERDRIVE , only anoying thing is availability and waiting for books … we also started using PRIME READING via amazon where you can get free ebook and audiobooks, magazine and graphic novels

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