How to deal with hard water hair…

Recently, I noticed a not so great change in how my hair felt. Now, this is nothing new. You see, with curly hair, I have absolutely no idea how my hair will act or feel on a daily basis. There’s not a certain way my hair should “look”; it’s just a daily toss up.

But this change was a little different than “Wow, it must be crazy humid today!”or “I thought my hair looked better before I got into the car. How did it change from the RV to the truck??” (I often have conversations with myself.)

My hair had seemed to be brittle and almost like hay….not cool at all. I wondered what could be the problem…hormones, not taking fancy hair vitamins, etc. Then it dawned on me: our RV park gets its water from a well. That’s it!

I instantly started doing some research and found that there are various methods of helping the “hard well water” hair problem.

One was having a water softener. Check!

Another was rinsing with vinegar. Um, yuck, that smell is the worst. Gonna pass on that idea.

Still another was to try a shampoo and conditioner for use with hard water.

Oddly enough, the day I did this research, we had gone to visit with Mike’s grandparents, and I mentioned to his grandma that I was having a “hard water hair” problem. She said that she went through the same thing, and she recommended Ion products to me.

I stopped the next day and picked them up from Sally’s Beauty Supply.


I tried them that night and they helped instantly! How can this be? Well, I was surprised too! But, my hair felt much silkier after I used the Ion Hard Water shampoo and conditioner.

Even today, during a swim in the pool, my hair felt so soft and silky. Hallelujah for products that work!

I had to pass this along, just in case someone out there is battling the “hard water hair”. There is help and hope and a great shampoo/conditioner duo that will come to your rescue!

Yours Truly,


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