The joys of having a puppy in an RV

If you follow our blog, you will already know that we adopted a puppy quite by happenstance on National Puppy Day. Tomorrow marks the one week anniversary of bringing this little guy to his new home.


I won’t even hesitate to tell you that I was not in favor of bringing a new dog into our home, but Mike, my husband, had promised our daughter, Emma, that she could adopt a dog when she was old enough to take care of one herself. And although I didn’t care for the idea, Mike and I want to always fulfill our promises to our kids.

I will admit that the puppy stage is one that I detest. Yes, I know, I may seem horrid, but the mess from the puppy does eventually subside. Then the struggle of potty training and just manners training in general is worth it!

For the past six days, Emma has done a beautiful job at caring for this little buddy. She learned very quickly that puppies are more work than she realized. She has done so well helping Chocolate adapt to our lifestyle and being patient, for the most part, with his mess.

We all have pitched in to help Emma. Jensen has been such an asset to his sister by taking Chocolate out to use the bathroom and wrestling with the little guy when Chocolate needs to burn off some energy.

Mike and I have both assisted Emma with dealing with frustration and the “how to’s” of puppy training. Overall, our family works very well together. It’s taken hard work and patience, but even in the just the last six days, Chocolate already feels quite at home. He’s a happy, healthy pup who loves to chew on sticks.

Yours Truly,



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