A visit to the VA hospital…

When I wrote the previous blog post about Chocolate, I was sitting in a waiting room at the Orlando Veterans Affairs hospital in Lake Nona. Mike was having a “routine” procedure that will hopefully identify some chronic issues he’s been having physically.


I gave him a hug as the nurses wheeled him off into another room, grabbed an iced chai latte for the wait, and found a sun lit room to write a blog post. I wrote about Chocolate’s first week home with us which was perhaps the only thing that could have distracted me from the anxious feeling I felt while Mike was having his procedure done. You see, I’ve never been on the opposite side of the hospital bed in our marriage. Mike was the one to see me wheeled away with each c-section I had for our kids, Emma and Jensen. This time, he was the one in the bed, and I was the one waiting. And although the testing wasn’t major surgery, it did make me nervous for him.

The Lake Nona VA hospital is a beautiful facility, and so far, all the times that Mike has had to go there for this or that, the staff have been quite lovely.

His procedure went according to plan, and we will know the results in a couple of weeks. Have you had to wait for results before? It’s riddled with anxiety. Meanwhile, he is getting no relief yet since he’s waiting for a diagnosis.

Patiently waiting for results when living life is somewhat hindered by a physical impairment is excruciating. We want to know what’s going on, and we pray that it’s treatable.

After the procedure, Mike was still high on pain meds, and he was repeatedly asking for pancakes.

Testing went well, and we were able to enjoy a quiet meal together afterwards. Because he hadn’t eaten the day before the VA visit to get ready for the procedure, he was quite happy to eat.

Meanwhile, we’re waiting…

Yours Truly,


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