In the path of Hurricane Irma

After much discussion and debate, we decided to evacuate ahead of Hurricane Irma’s path of destruction through Florida. For the first few days of hurricane coverage, it seemed as though the worst of the storm would be on the east coast and that inland areas would be spared. But, Thursday afternoon, the track stared to shift more towards inland Florida, and we decided to head out of town.

I seriously think that my husband, Mike, would have weathered the storm by sitting outside in a lawn chair, but I’m not the “bring it on” kind of gal.

Leaving Florida behind

We packed up our rig and left Friday morning for North Georgia. The trek north was pretty slow going. Since reports of insane traffic were coming in, we opted to program our gps to avoid any interstates. We passed multiple Florida National Guard units on their way south, and we saw so many people prepping for the storm. In Florida, we had no trouble finding diesel for our Dodge truck, but once we crossed the state line into Georgia, diesel was hard to come by. We found a small town two hours into the state that had one pump with diesel, and we waited in line for about twenty minutes to get it.  It took us about twelve hours of actual driving to arrive at my aunt’s house in Gainesville, GA.

Even the small towns on our route through back roads had traffic and often no fuel.

Her house sits on a “small” hill, but to our rig, it might as well have been Mt Everest. Mike and my brother, John, who also evacuated with his wife and kids, were able to position the rig for us to stay overnight, but the jacks in the front of rig were extended out as far as they could go. It seemed precarious to even walk around in the rig that night, and I was nervous to even turn over in our bed. But everything was fine.

Our rig on a small Georgia hill.

We woke up the next morning to cousins, aunts and uncles. It was a fun day of hanging out with family. We did decide to keep moving since Hurricane Irma was predicted to bring strong winds and possibly flooding to Georgia.

Jensen, Emma with Chocolate, Logan and Bella

We drove up to Pigeon Forge, TN to try to get out ahead enough that Irma wouldn’t bother us too much. And that plan worked. Other than some light rain and some gusty wind, we had no issues with Irma. I will share some more of our TN stay in another post, but we are grateful that we made it far enough away from the storm in time.

We have heard from our family that stayed through the storm in Florida, and thankfully, other than no power and some downed trees, all of our family members are safe and sound.

Yours Truly,


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