Adventuring in the mountains

We have enjoyed being near Asheville, NC for the last two days. Tomorrow, we will get our rig into travel mode and start the journey south towards Central Florida. From what I’ve heard, the area we live in was hit pretty hard by Hurricane Irma. To be quite frank, I don’t want to go back. The weather here in NC is gorgeous, and the people are so friendly. Tennessee had friendly people too. Mike and I kept commenting to each other that we live in the wrong state. Why are people in Florida so unfriendly? One reason could be the age difference at most campgrounds and rv parks. Our family sticks out like a sore thumb at most places. That’s my theory anyway.

Today, we found a great hiking trail in the DuPont State Forest. We hiked to a stunning water fall that a scene from the first Hunger Games movie was shot under.

After our hike down the mountain, this was our first glimpse at the Bridal Veil Falls.

We decided to bring Chocolate along with us on our four mile plus hike, and he did shockingly well. We did take turns carrying him sometimes. He made it known that he was too tired to go on any further by promptly plopping to the ground.

The family taking a quick break on our trek.

Buttons did well, of course, she is a trail dog through and through. I really believe she would love to live in the woods somewhere, chasing rabbits and drinking stream water. But at the end of the day, she would come home for her soft, comfy sofa to sleep on.

Emma and Jensen did the longest hike that they have ever done today. Although the trail was marked as “easy to moderate”, we did have the challenge of walking back from the water fall up steep grade hills. Neither kid complained or whined; they just kept walking and rested when they needed to. Mike and I were so proud of them!

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The water fall was just breathtaking. Mike, Emma and Jensen went up the falls to see the place where the Hunger Game scene was filmed, and I kept the puppy back to give him a little break.

Tired and hungry, we trekked back to the truck and made our way towards our campground. We had a marvelous day.

Yours Truly,


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