Mike’s Follow Up…

Today, we made the trek down to the VA hospital in Lake Nona from New Smyrna Beach for Mike’s follow up appointment. We are at an RV Park in NSB temporarily until our “home base” campground gets power restored. Thanks Irma!

On the route, we saw so much flooding and many trees toppled over by the strong winds. We were shocked at the debris and the damage that had been done so far inland.

His follow up appointment went just about how we expected….”It could be this or that, but we need to run some more test.” The tests are scheduled and our waiting continues.

I will tell you that I’ve been a bit “down” about the whole thing. It could be the stress of trying to escape Irma’s grasp and having just returned to Florida only to have to move around waiting for power. However, I won’t complain. I’ve seen dozen of posts of people still waiting for their power to come back on and they’re staying positive about the situation.

We’ll just keep pressing on since life never goes how we plan. On a happy note, we do get to have a couple days at Fort Wilderness for my birthday; it will be a welcome time of relaxing and having fun.

Yours Truly,



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