Coming back to Florida

The last two weeks have been full of anxiety for me. Yes, they’ve been full of fun as well (see my Instagram for the fun), but the underlying anxiety was caused by wondering what Florida would be like after Hurricane Irma.

Mike and I had spoken about the “what ifs” of what we might face when we arrived back at our “home base” campground. Oddly enough, the rv park did not have power when we returned to the area. We ended up spending four nights over at New Smyrna RV Park where we had stayed for quite a bit of time in 2016. They had power, but the place was a royal mess after Irma. We were grateful to have power and water right away as so many of Florida residents were still without.

We had already booked three nights at Disney’s Fort Wilderness weeks prior to go celebrate my birthday. Our plan was to go from New Smyrna Beach to Disney then to our home base. While we were in NSB, we got a phone call from Disney and the evil monster (it wasn’t a real monster, just a cast member) said that they had to cancel our first reserved night stay as the campground wouldn’t be opened yet. (WHAT???!) Not even Disney World escaped Irma’s wrath.

We had to stay in New Smyrna Beach an extra night; at least some of our fellow full time rv friends were there. It was nice catching up with them. Our kids enjoyed hanging out with their kids too.


After having a delicious dinner at Le Cellier in Epcot, we arrived at Fort Wilderness and wonderfully, they were able to extend our stay for one more night. We had such a fun time going to Magic Kingdom during the Extra Magic Hours and going to three of the four theme parks.


Animal Kingdom seemed to have suffered the most tree damage. We saw so many tangled looking limbs and areas that had had trees fall down. Much of the fallen tree debris had been cleaned up before we went, but it was obvious that there had been quite a mess there.

In lieu of birthday cake, I chose to get a custom caramel apple at Goofy’s Candy Company in Disney Springs. Such a great decision on my part! They were scrumptious.

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We’re settled back into Central Florida, but only for a little while. We have some fun plans coming up.

Yours Truly,



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