New Adventures Await…

Five days from today, our family of four will get our rig into Travel Mode and head off on a new adventure. We will be traveling cross country to California!

Mike and I have accepted a position with the California State Parks as campground hosts. We will get to work with the park rangers and campground guests in Northern California. Mike and I have discussed the idea for about a year and a half, but we are finally ready to take off and give it a try.

In case you weren’t aware, we currently live in Central Florida. According to one route by Google Maps, it will take “1 day and 20 hours”of driving to arrive at the campground. That’s the longest road trip that we have ever planned for.

Direct route options for our trek cross country

It will be quite the undertaking to get there, but we have given ourselves plenty of time before we need to arrive at the state park. We have been discussing what it will be like in the California Redwoods with our kids, and today, Jensen made his own replica of what he thinks the campground will look like.

Jensen’s “Red Forest” campground display

He included the giant trees, a stream, and even campers!

Building a Redwoods replica requires focus!

For years, both Emma and Jensen have been looking forward to “one day” visiting California. It has been so fun to tell them about our new opportunity to actually make their dream a reality! Plus, our journey there will include visiting 3 NEW states to add to our goal of seeing all 50 states with our kids.


While Jensen was building his Redwoods, Emma was hard at work creating a “Halloween House” for Yoshi.

We have a few stops planned on our trip from Florida to California, but we love to just play things by ear and see what happens. This spontaneity did not come naturally to me. It has taken years of being married to an explorer for me to accept that things will fall into place even if everything has not been planned out to a “t”. As the oldest of seven kids, I was always a planner. I wanted to be ready for whatever would happen (impossible), and I always tried to be on top of everything (also impossible). In high school, I had my school work done ahead of time while my husband admits that he did most of his homework on the ride to school in the morning. We are not the same in every area of our lives. Ha!

BUT, we both adore traveling, and we compromise to make the journey fun for all of us.

I hope you’ll follow us along on our new adventure!

Yours Truly,


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