Traveling Pups

Our dogs, Buttons and Chocolate, are superb travelers. I mentioned to Mike while we were on the road today that I can’t believe how well they do when we’re on the go. Buttons was not very good in the car when she was about two years old; we worked with a trainer and learned a great deal during the process about how dogs respond to their masters. We have to “make the rules” and teach our pups what we expect from them. It has made a huge difference in how free we can be to travel when our dogs take trips in stride. Chocolate was forced into this on the go lifestyle, so I guess he didn’t have much choice but to adapt. Ha!


Here they are in the truck on our way to New Orleans. Chocolate is quite the “napper” while Buttons tends to always want to know where we’re going. She can get a little car sick sometimes, and it helps to keep her up high enough to see out a window. In the above picture, the pups are sitting on a dog bed on top of an elevated platform that came in our truck. That little bit of elevation keeps Buttons happy!


Awwww! Sleeping pups are so cute!

We love having our fur babies with us when we travel.

Yours Truly,


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