We ❤️ Texas

Have I mentioned this yet? Our family adores Texas. The wild and open feeling of this state never gets old. Even though it is a beast of a drive to get through, we never get sick of the landscape. 

On Monday night, we stayed on Fort Sam Houston in San Antonio. The campground on post was very nice. The spaces were eighty feet long and paved. Each lot had enough room for a decent sized yard. Buttons and Chocolate enjoyed running around in the pet area.

Emma and Jensen loved the playground and stayed outside until the sun set getting their fill of sliding and rock climbing.

Road trips are made easier for me when we can stop, put the slides out, and hook up completely to power, water, and sewer. Yes, boondocking certainly helps us get where we need to go, but I have to have a “night off” from the “travel” feeling. 

We’ve been on the road for six nights and only two of those nights were “full rv hookup” nights. 

Our drive through the Texas oil fields was quite the experience. We saw so many of the “gas flares” out in the fields and endured the terrible road conditions on 285. It did make me feel more comfortable with the idea of our plans to road trip to Alaska. “The roads can’t be worse than this!” I told Mike…he looked pretty pleased with my statement. (I’m the only one of the four of us that is hesitant about destination Alaska. Brrr)

The weather has been such that we have only used the generator one night for a/c which has been such a wonderful experience for us Floridians. This morning was crisp and clear in Roswell, NM. We are driving into Albuquerque today to see some Breaking Bad locations. My film student husband will be in heaven.

Yours Truly,


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