My beloved atlas

Does anyone else share my love for maps? 

They don’t let you down like gps does. Three different times on our trip cross country, our gps took us to a vacant lot and said, “You have reached your destination.”


A vacant lot was not our destination, wrong again, gps.

We needed a gas station, a restaurant, and a Dodge dealership, and we found land with nothing on it. Boo!

I haven’t had my trusted Rand McNally atlas fail me yet. 

Sure, it takes more concentration than mindlessly listening to a voice tell you where to go, but I haven’t been led astray by my atlas.

There is something so rewarding about highlighting where we’ve been and looking at the next destination with anticipation.

Yep, I do use gps from time to time, but my atlas is always by my side. 

Yours Truly,


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