Love, Hate Relationship

I am currently experiencing a love, hate relationship with Northern California. Here’s the love and the hate in list form~


the great outdoors, nature, giant Redwood forests, green moss covered trees, bubbling brooks, the Eel River, cold weather (perfect for drinking hot tea and eating homemade chili), the “ancient look” of my surroundings, Richardson Grove State Park, the friendly people we encounter, the sunshine peeking through the trees, hills, mountains, fog that comes in from the coast, the quiet, Dutch Bros hot cocoa, the freedom our kids enjoy being outdoors so much, and I’m sure I’m forgetting something…


the constant rain…not even kidding, it rains five out of seven days, the trees hinder the sunlight so it looks like it’s dark during the afternoon, it rarely dries out here because the trees keep the moisture trapped in, complete darkness at five in the afternoon, nature surrounds me 24/7, Dutch Bros hot cocoa is an hour and a half away, there are no decent grocery stores within an hour from here, have I mentioned the lack of sunshine yet, okay, I did…

Out of the four of us, I am definitely the only one with issues. Ha!

My husband and kids love to go hiking in the vast wilderness that Northern California holds. I however, have this incredible fear of wild animals being everywhere. The California State Rangers that we work with have assured me that black bears and mountain lions are extremely rare, especially during the fall and winter months. Nevertheless, I am sure the bears and mountain lions are all out to get us each time we venture out into the forest. (yep, I’m pretty sure I’ve lost my mind)

It has been rather hard for me to acclimate to this new adventure as I deal with feeling eternally cold, wet, and fearful. But, isn’t that what adventure is all about? Dealing with being uncomfortable is part of this journey. However hard it may be to get used to very few hours of sunlight and constant rain, I know that the time spent in this gorgeous land will be remembered with fondness one day.

Yours Truly,



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