Woohoo! We have power!

When we arrived at the state park last Tuesday, October 31st, we plugged our rig into power. Three days later, we only had power to half of the rig. “What in the world is going on?” we wondered. Mike quickly narrowed it down to something in the electric outlet was not right. A maintenance team came out the next day and found out that the problem was bigger than the electric outlet our rig was connected to. They thought the problem was the transformer, but it wasn’t something that they could repair.

“It’s no big deal, we have our generator,” we said confidently. We pride ourselves on being self-sufficient and able to work through problems such as this.

“We’ll have someone out on Monday.”

“No problem.” we said once again, confidently.

On Sunday, a maintenance man from another state park showed up and thought he could figure out what was going on. Mike and I were pretty hopeful that we would have “shore power” later that day, but the transformer was the problem and the part was in another town an hour and a half away. “Will you guys be okay for one more night?”

“Sure, no problem.”

The same man came back on Monday morning with the new transformer and we were sure that Monday evening, we would have power.

That transformer was bad. “Well, we have to order a new one. You guys will be okay, right?”

“Sure, no problem.” We were getting used to the dull roar of the generator, kinda.

Rain poured down the next day, and the part did not arrive. Mike asked me if we should start a pool of bets to see when everyone thought we would have power again. (just trying to stay positive, folks.)

Once again, we were okay, sure, no problem. Thankfully, the rangers had us use fuel from the state park to keep our generator going.

Today, Thursday, November 10th, we had power restored to our campground host site! Woohoo! We were so excited to turn off the generator. Now, we have to get used to the silence again. HA!

Yours Truly,



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