A Day at the Coast

Today was a much needed escape from the rainy, cold forests of the Redwoods. No, I don’t hate the rain, cold, and lack of sunshine, but I often find myself needing sunlight desperately.

Mike says that I’m “solar powered” (think of Wall•E). Yes, I agree. I instantly feel better when I feel the sun warm my skin.

We drove out US 1 from the state park we work in, and soon encountered some of the worst switchbacks we’ve ever experienced. Emma and I have never been so sick on a short trip like we were today. I was able to get a motion sickness pill down (why didn’t I buy the chewable kind?!) with no water, but poor Emma wasn’t going to risk it. She ended up heaving her breakfast out on the road. Oh dear.

It was a rough couple of hours for us, but when we pulled over to let her finish vomiting, we found a magical forest that looked like the movie Jurassic World. Emma, Jensen and Mike walked down the embankment from the road to a stream, and Emma soon forgot her terrible motion sickness ordeal.

After another thirty minutes of mountain roads, we came upon the breathtaking views over the bluffs to the Pacific Ocean. It was one of those moments I will never forget, you know, one of those “metaphor for life” kind of moments.

We had the terrible experience of Emma and I being so sick then the incredible reward of the beautiful ocean scenes for pushing through.

Anyway, we followed the coast south and saw whales migrating south along with us. Holy bucket list! I really did not expect to see the whale spouts shooting into the air from the surf, but I sure saw them! (Insert cheesy positive metaphor for life here-again)

Pacific Ocean, sun, whales…goodness, it was almost too much to take in.

We found a coastal state park to explore which turned into finding starfish and walking around tide pools.

It was a glorious day, one that I will undoubtedly replay over and over again.

Yours Truly,


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