Out of the mouth of babes

Often times, our kids can make Mike and I belly laugh at an instant. Are your kids this way? Kids are brutally honest and hilarious all in one sentence. Much of the time, they don’t even realize what is so funny. Other times, they will say something absolutely profound and not understand how wise they seem for their ages.

I attempt to make a note of sayings that my kids have come up with. Granted, I’m not great at it, but in my notes on my phone, I did find two cute things that my kids said which I will share with you.

On the topic of RVing full time

“I like that the world is our home.” Emma, 8 (at the time)

How truly profound is this sentiment that the whole world is our home because the four of us are together? This simple observation from Emma really sheds light on the way she thinks. Little insights from our kids are truly magical, and her expression of “happily living anywhere” was one of those instances.

On the topic of making a ball

“I only need two things to make a ball, Mom. Paper and spit.” Jensen, 6 (at the time)

My son is constantly cracking jokes and making us laugh with his silly antics. His perfectly timed jokes (some of the time) make Mike, Emma and I burst into laughter. Thankfully, some of those moments of hilarity have been during the most stressful times for me. (Think moving days and storage unit garage sales)

I thank God for these two beautiful kids He gave us. We absolutely adore being parents. We are treasuring every memory we make during our adventure called life.

Yours Truly,


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