Thanksgiving in an RV

“That there is an RV, Clark… Don’t you go falling in love with her when we leave here next month.” (Cousin Eddie, Christmas Vacation, paraphrase)

Yep, it’s that time of year! The holidays are upon us and we very happily risked Thanksgiving dinner by cooking everything in our RV oven. What?! Yes, it can be done!

Now granted, our North Point fifth wheel does have a different version of an oven than our Heartland Trail Runner had. In the North Point, we have experimented with the propane micro version of a residential oven with some success. Mike’s birthday cake came out perfectly. Bbq chicken cooked through; we even made those boxed Red Lobster biscuits with little issue.

We were ready to conquer Thanksgiving dinner!

The day before Thanksgiving, I started the pie making process. Having a mixing bowl that was too small was the only real problem during the dough making ordeal. I made a gorgeous pumpkin pie and put it in the oven to bake while I started the apple pie. This was my first attempt at making an apple pie from scratch. It was perfect! (Thank you Pioneer Woman!!)

I also made Pioneer Woman’s mashed potatoes which you can make the day before Thanksgiving and heat through the next day. They are perfection.

The next morning around ten, I put the turkey roasts into the oven. This was the only compromise on a traditional Thanksgiving dinner that we had to make. It wasn’t hard for us since none of us care for dark meat. The turkey breast roasts took about a half hour longer to cook than I anticipated, but I had warned the family when I put them in the oven that we would eat when the turkey was cooked through. No issues! I finished a few other items on the stove, and we sat down to a scrumptious dinner.

Parks Thanksgiving

We had a beautiful day of food and family. I guess the old adage is true still; “no risk, no reward.” We took the risk on making dinner in the RV oven rather than using an oven here at the state park, with yummy results. We are looking forward to making lots of Christmas cookies and goodies during this new holiday season.

Happy Thanksgiving!



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  1. Happy Holidays Parks family! I was thinking that a year ago we pulled into NSB campground right next to you. What a difference a year makes. We miss y’all over here. There aren’t any kids at the campground right now and all the snow birds are starting to arrive. The weather has been really lovely since that whole Irma thing. We have had very little rain and temperatures have been mild. Isabella has really out done herself decorating this year. I’ll drop you a picture to your email. Say “hi” to everyone!
    Best wishes,
    Kathy and the gang

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