Waiting on a pump truck..

Well, today has been quite unusual.

I started my day in a normal fashion, going on campground “rounds” and making sure the ranger station was open. I made some breakfast, swept the floors, spot cleaned some of the carpet, put some clutter away, and other various tasks. Mike and I took a walk with our dog, Buttons, then we went about doing some Christmas decor work.

Then it began…

We decided to flush out the black tanks in our rig, and we thought there was a clog somewhere in one of our tanks or pipes. We checked everything, and sure enough the “clog” was a full campground septic tank. (Insert lots of disgusting looks, here)

“You have got to be kidding me.” I said to Mike.

“Not even kidding you, Babe,” he said.

This ordeal wouldn’t have been as big of a deal except that this is the second major issue we’ve had since arriving in California. I mentioned a few blogs back that we had a problem with the “shore power”. That took over a week to be restored.

Hopefully, there is a truck on its way to pump the campground tank as we speak. It could be, right? I’ll stay hopeful.

More to come…

Yours truly,



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