Sorry, awesome followers!

At this very moment as I was pulling out my laptop and connecting to the “host” wifi, I realized that the last time I wrote something for this blog was eleven days ago! Gasp! Not only that, but the last thing I left you with was “The Holding Tank.” (I might just be the worst blogger to follow in the history of blogging.) Please accept my sincere apologies.

BUT…I have been having an absolute blast over the past few days.

For instance, when my husband looked at me very seriously around December 6th, and said, “Babe, if we didn’t have Amazon and, I would be in a panic right now.” (If you’re new to this blog, hey! Welcome! We live full time in our Jayco North Point fifth wheel. Currently, we are working for the California state parks in the Redwoods of Northern California.) With this absolutely stunning landscape comes very few stores or restaurants. Not even kidding.  We can drive an hour north and hit up an Applebee’s or drive an hour south to a Chipotle; that’s all folks. Grocery stores? Forget about it; there is one local grocery store that is crazy overpriced. We go there for milk and bread once a week. However, we have to go at least an hour away to load up on food for the week.

My husband’s admission of “I would be in a panic” made me jump to action ordering gifts and sending them on their merry way to loved ones back in Florida. It sure is nice being Santa from the comfort of my sofa.

Also, I have been very focused on working out and eating well. I’ve lost thirty pounds this year and am happily becoming a “walker/jogger/runner” in this gorgeous state park. I also adore lifting weights which my husband (he’s amazing) noticed, knew that I needed options for a “gym” (again, middle of the Redwoods), and found a portable weight bench for me for CHRISTMAS!!!! (Along with a barbell and dumbbells!) I love that man. (How do I know what I’m getting for Christmas, you may ask…funny story for another blog.)

Mike, Emma, Jensen and I have enjoyed the hiking trails here as well. Thankfully, the weather this month has been absolutely gorgeous…40’s during the day and 30’s at night with loads of sunshine, through the giant trees, of course.

I have also been able to volunteer at the visitor center here in the state park. The building is a historic lodge that has been refurbished. It’s been so fun meeting people from all over the world as they travel through the Redwoods on their way to other places.

We are absolutely loving this adventure.

Yours Truly,



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