Merry Christmas!

Our Christmas was filled to the brim with special memories and moments to savor. If I could put the memories in a bottle, it would need to be as tall as the Redwoods that surround us.

This year, the four of us agreed that being together was the best possible way to spend the holiday. For the last two years, we celebrated Christmas with family in Florida, and the wild chaos that big personalities create is often hard for a veteran with PTSD to take in. It’s hard to even attempt to explain to family that parties can trigger an “overload” affect for someone who cannot handle too many people talking at the same time. This makes holidays especially difficult. If you’re family reading this now, I hope you will be understanding.

Our quiet “just the four of us” Christmas was just what we needed. We did get to FaceTime, text, and call family (Thankfully, we had some phone signal, and once, we were out grocery shopping in a city when my brother called via FaceTime…hello, LTE!).

Our lights, all a-glow!

On Christmas Eve, we made some finger foods, read the birth of Jesus from the book of Luke, watch a Christmas movie, open presents from family, read “Twas the Night Before Christmas, then attempted to go to sleep. Both Emma and Jensen had the worst time getting to sleep on Christmas Eve this year. It was so cute and sad at the same time. They would come into our room and say “We want to sleep, but we’re just so excited.” We understood completely. Christmas morning is such a magical time. We love it!

Our live Christmas tree in our RV surrounded by presents

Well, Emma and Jensen stayed up so late trying to fall asleep that they did not wake up on Christmas morning until after 9:30! We opened some presents, took a break for some cinnamon rolls, and unpacked our stockings. We open gifts from youngest to oldest. We all enjoy watching each other’s reaction to gifts.

Pausing the gift opening to play with some presents from Grandpa and Gramma and eat some cinnamon rolls!

We had one more treat for our kids…Mike arranged a scheme including a riddle that told Emma and Jensen where their last present was! (See that description on my Instagram post.) It was a success!

Emma and Jensen holding their Banshees from Pandora 

When we were walking back to our rig from the creek where our kids found their Banshees, I looked at Mike and said “It’s just magical, isn’t it?” Our kids took off to play with all of their toys while Mike and I began to get the living area of our rig back into some kind of order.

The living area in our rig after we opened our gifts!

We collected the wrapping paper, trash, and boxes while the kids helped us cart it all away with their new Radio Flyer wagons. (See some video of those, here) With all of us pitching in, it didn’t take much time to get the room back together again.

Tomorrow, we will take down our Christmas tree and look forward to the New Year. I sincerely hope that your Christmas was wonderful.

Yours Truly,


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