Writing…in my dreams

Currently, I am working on a story that may or may not turn into a book. I have been delving into the characters and wondering where the story will go. You have no idea how absolutely terrifying it is for me to write. I feel the urge to work on my story then suddenly feel frozen in fear that someone else would read it. “Maybe my grammar won’t be perfect, or my ideas are stupid.” I’m not sure why it matters so much as no one is reading it. It’s just sitting on my Macbook screen, waiting for more input from my brain.

And yet, I found myself dreaming about my characters a few nights ago. Their faces were blurry as in every other dream I’ve encountered, but their mannerisms were familiar to me. I even had the female character introduce herself to me with her last name, something I hadn’t considered yet. Odd, right?

People so clear in my head who are so hard to put down on paper were vivid in my dream. Is there technology that can type words from dreams? That would be perfect!

Ernest Hemingway said,

There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed.
 I can think of no better description. It has been sheer torture to write.
Even this blog makes me feel nauseated sometimes, but I know that I have grown as an individual since I started this thing. In some way, it proves to me that having people see my work is not the end of the world.
Yours Truly,

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