Happy New Year!

For the past few years, looking forward to a new year was anxiety causing for me. 2010 leaving meant my husband would be deployed in 2011. 2013 departing meant uncertainty about what Mike would do after his brief Army career. 2015 fading meant making decisions on how serious we were about this whole “rv thing.”

This New Years Eve is filled with promise even in my “worst case scenario” brain. I am working on this by the way. One day, I’ll be the one who thinks of all the “what if’s” as potential rather than horror.

2017 has been a truly wonderful year for our family. I’m not pretending that everything was wonderful; there were times when I felt that I could handle no more. But, this year I have found a better balance between my inner negative voice and the reality of my life. During all those times I allowed Emma and Jensen to swim freely in the Atlantic Ocean, they were never once bitten by a shark. That time we climbed up the side of a mountain to see summer snow in the Tetons, no bears were attempting to make us their lunch. When we hiked to the falls where the first Hunger Games was filmed, my legs did not fall off and our whole family made it all four miles.

Contrary to my belief, our plane did not crash into the Atlantic during our flight to Munich.

I have problems, this fact is not lost on me.

We have visited beautiful places from the Ringling Bros estate in Sarasota, FL to the Grand Tetons. We escaped Hurricane Irma and enjoyed the familiar sights of Gatlinburg, TN. We felt the cool night air in the desert of Southern California and saw the fierce power gushing from Old Faithful. We discovered the grandeur of the Redwoods and the eye candy of Pandora at Animal Kingdom.

Each memory makes me smile as I recall it. Every photo I scroll through on my phone or on social media, brings the sights, smells and feeling of the moment it holds.

2017 has been a year of wonderful memories.

2018, you have big shoes to fill.

Yours Truly,


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