My daughter…

I have this beautiful person in my life. She’s nine years old, fifty days away from turning ten, and she’s just like me in some ways. One of the ways we’re similar is our shared motion sickness from winding roads. During one of our treks to the California coast, Emma had her head hanging out of the truck window while she vomited out her breakfast. Long flights or winding roads can do us both a world of hurt if we don’t take some kind of medicine for it.

For that reason, Emma does not like to think about leaving our state park. The curving roads of Northern California do not bode well for those who suffer from motion sickness. While she was sitting on our bed chatting away with me about her dreams and hopes, I mentioned that we may venture to a remote area of another state park that is on the coast. She instantly froze up and said, “But, Mom, I don’t want to get sick again.” Her entire demeanor changed as she said it.

“Baby, we can’t let that stop us from traveling and exploring can we?” She instantly answered, “No!”

“I’ll make sure we both have medicine before we leave.”

“Okay, I hate that feeling,” she stated.

We were soon on to the next topic. I often sit, listening to her, wondering how she became this wonderful, intelligent young lady already. She was just learning to walk last week, right?!

Emma, opening presents from her cousin, Bella…who is, at the ripe old age of nine, a published author.

Emma has this incredible ability to communicate with people, and lately, she has taken up writing stories as a method of sharing her thoughts. She embraced this from her daddy who is currently writing a work of fiction. All four of us like to discuss ideas on the projects we are working on. Nearly every day, Emma walks in and announces that she has an idea for a story. A few weeks ago, she wrote a thousand word “book”, I printed it off for her, and she called her Grandma to read her the whole manuscript.

I am looking forward to many moments filled with hashing out ideas and topics with my daughter in the years to come.

Yours Truly,


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